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Autism and EEG Phase Reset: Deficient GABA Mediated Inhibition in Thalamo-Cortical Connections

brain plastisity

Brain Plastisity and Neurofeedback - Article


coherence & phase

What does phase information of oscillatory brain activity tell us about cognitive processes?
EEG Coherence and Phase Delays: Comparisons Between Single Reference, Average Reference and Current Source Density
Neural Coherence and the Content of Consciousness
From synchronous neural discharges to subjective awareness?
A Phase Synchrony among Neuronal Oscillations in the Human Cortex
EEG Phase Reset due to Auditory Attention: An Inverse Time Scale Approach 
Coherence, Phase Differences, Phase Shift and Phase Lock in EEG/ERP Analyses
Corticocortical Associations and EEG Coherence: A Two Compartmental Model



Conventional and Quantitative EEG in Psychiatry
Interactions Between Membrane Conductances Underlying the Genesis of the EEG
EEG and Brain Connectivity: A Tutorial (7/28/04 to 12/27/09)


EEG and Intelligence:  Relations Between EEG Coherence, EEG Phase Delay and Power
Intelligence and EEG current density using low resolution electromagnetic tomography (LORETA)
Intelligence and EEG Phase Reset: A Two-Compartmental Model of Phase Shift and Lock

kognitive prosesser

Kognitive Prosesser - Artikkel
Kognitive prosesser - Neurofeedback forskning


LORETA Peer Reviewed Articles Total = 795 (as of 10/2009)
LORETA  (low resolution brain electromagnetic tomography) -Instituttet
LORETA  (low resolution brain electromagnetic tomography) -Forskning
Evaluation and Validity of a LORETA Normative EEG Database 
Localization Accuracy and Validation of Inverse Solutions Including LORETA
Frequency Domain Equivalence Between Potentials and Currents using LORETA
Parametric vs. Non-Parametric Statistics of Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography
Diffusion Tensor Imaging 'Modules' Correlated with LORETA Neuroimaging 'Modules' 
LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback - Teknisk artikkel
LORETA 3-Dimensional Phase Reset
 LORETA and Traumatic Brain Injury


MRE - Mathematics of Magnetic Resonance Electroencepholagraphy (MRE)


Neurofeedback 1st level Support of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) - American Pediatric Assossiation

normative databases

 Sensitivity and Specificity of Normative EEG Databases: Validation and Clinical Correlation


Quantitative EEG and the Frye and Daubert Standards of Admissibility
Normative Database as Accepted Science 
The value of quantitative electroencephalography in clinical psychiatry
qEEG ( quantitative electroencephalography) - Historisk
qEEG ( quantitative electroencephalography) - Teknisk artikkel
qEEG and Neuropsychiatry in the 21st Century
qEEG - Validity and Reliability of Quantitative Electroencephalography

traumatic brain Injury

An EEG Severity Index of Traumatic Brain Injury
Biophysical Linkage Between MRI and EEG Amplitude in Closed Head Injury
Biophysical Linkage Between MRI and EEG Coherence in Closed Head Injury 
Estimation of the EEG power spectrum using MRI T2 Relation Time in Traumatic Brain Injury   
Electroencephalography and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Comprehensive Predictions of Outcome in Closed Head Injury Patients
TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and LORETA
EEG Discriminant Analyses of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
 QEEG and Traumatic Brain Injury Present and Future


Z-score Neurofeedback - Teknisk Artikkel
LORETA Z Score Biofeedback